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Friday, January 15, 2021
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Please remember that TSG require 90 days in advance notice from our clients of any MEDITECH upgrade between the availability of the test system, and the go live date . The advance notice period is required for TSG to plan and execute the upgrade appropriately so that your facility workflow process would not be affected.  


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Digital Transformation

TSG has partnered with Microsoft for a new licensing and transformation services program. Protect your facility and patients from the ever-evolving IT threat landscape.

Learn more about how Digital Transformation will affect the way you work, who we work with, and how we create value.

  • Eliminate License Audit
  • Compliant and Secure – Provides advance
  • Reduce hardware, downtime and software deployment cost
  • Improve staff productivity and efficiency
  • Stop un-expected and recurring capital expense

Remote Deposit Capture

Allows our customers to scan checks remotely and transmit the check images to a bank for deposit, via an encrypted Internet connection

  • Reduce Transportation Costs/Convenience
  • Reduce Processing Costs
  • Intelligent Character & Document Recognition, data management through business rules
  • Large numbers of checks can be scanned quickly and then uploaded all at once
  • Audit Reports

Enterprise-wide SaaS Faxing Solutions

ezDocFlow Portal provides a secure ad HIPAA electronic document distribution and management system which seamlessly integrates faxing with any HIS, EMR, EHR, ERP and business software applications.

  • Eliminate/Reduce fax machine, paper, toner, fax phone line cost/support
  • Captures and digitizes documents as soon as they are received
  • Define routing rules by sender fax number, receiving fax number or text on document
  • Audits every activity in a document workflow
  • Track every document that flows through your organization

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Will each user that can report an issue from our facility need to register, or will our site have a generic login?


Can anyone from my facility register?

Q.  Will I receive training on the product?
Q.  Will I be able to see the issues that were already logged prior to the migration to Vision CRM?
Q.  How to change CRM Vision password?
Q.  IE -8 Configuration for GalacticaRX

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