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Monday, October 26, 2020
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MEDITECH UPGRADE CLIENT NOTIFICATION  | Microsoft Support Ending  | New: Galactica ScanView Announcement  | TSG Service Level Agreement (SLA) | Windows 8 Certification Announcement
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Please remember that TSG require 90 days in advance notice from our clients of any MEDITECH upgrade between the availability of the test system, and the go live date . The advance notice period is required for TSG to plan and execute the upgrade appropriately so that your facility workflow process would not be affected.  


SQL Server 2008 

Dear Customers,

If you are still running SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 after July 09, 2019, you will no longer receive security updates and technical support. We recommend upgrading to SQL Server 2016 or SQL Server 2017 to achieve breakthrough performance, maintain security and compliance, and optimize your data platform infrastructure.

Please feel free to contact aa-ProductManagement@shamsgroup.com  if you have questions.


Windows Server 2008

Dear Customers,

TSG is aware that Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 support is ending on January 14, 2020. What does end of support mean for you? After January 14, 2020 Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for any version of Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2. TSG has received several requests from our customers regarding upgrades and migrations to their new server. We are currently prioritizing the projects based on resource availability; once TSG has a confirmation of hardware availability at your facility we will place you on the priority list and provide a project timeline.

Thank you


Dear Galactica Users,

TSG is pleased to announce the beta release of Galactica ScanView. Galactica ScanView will replace previous releases of Galactica Point-of-Service and Galactica Viewer II. ScanView will be available to all existing Galactica customers effective July 01, 2015. This is an opportunity for our customers to increase user productivity, enhance departmental workflow experience, leverage the comprehensive user-audit feature - to comply with HIPAA, and to minimize client support.

What’s new in Galactica ScanView 3.1

  • No more separate client based applications for Scan/Link (POS) and Viewing (GVII).
  • Single application does both scan/link and view functions.
  • Single setup that prompts administrator to select installation for Scan/Link, Viewing or both.
  • Revamped application platform from Visual Basic to .Net to improve data/image scanning, linking and retrieval.
  • Newer version works with or without HIS integration, and hospital may utilize as a downtime tool to scan/link and view documents.
  • No more subject type tab restrictions. User may view/access multiple subject types as assigned by IT administrator in the Galactica Admin Tool.
  • Meditech HIS integration is now server side, instead of client side, and supports all client platforms including Citrix, VDI and RDP.
  • Additional parameters for user-session audit log has been added to record all events (delete, delete link, edit, memo, etc.), and is available to department administrators for an audit via Galactica Reports.

Windows Single sign-on ability now available! Please contact us at aa-productmanagement@shamsgroup.com to find out how to upgrade to this new Galactica product.

 Severity Level and Response Times:

TSG normally responds to issues reported by the Hospital/Site/Facility according to the following severity Levels:

Problem Severity Level

Initial first Response To the Customer

Follow-up with Hospital/Site/Facility

Severity Level 1 

Response back to the site within 20 min of initial notification.

Hourly/Continuous Interaction

Severity Level 2 

Response back to the site within two (2) hours of initial notification.

Weekly until resolved

Severity Level 3

Response back to the site within three (3) hours of initial notification.

Weekly until resolved

Severity Level 4

Response back to the site within a day of initial notification.

As appropriate



Level 1 and Level 2 issues should be send to TSG via an email at support@shamsgroup.com or calling TSG and leaving a message for support@shamsgroup.com. These emails and calls should be used for reporting high priority issues. Customer should also create a ticket in Vision about the issue with details and provide the vision ticket number to TSG in email or call.


A. Severity Level 1:

Major Business Impact – defined as a problem that causes a loss to the site’s production environment and work cannot continue and is directly affecting patient care. Workarounds will be provided to perform the same functionality if available at the time to minimize the impact on the site. These issues will be responded within 20 minutes.   Immediate action is then initiated and continued until a resolution is achieved. Status updates will be given as progress dictates.


The problem may have one or more of the following characteristics:

         Impacting a high number of users

         System outage

         Mission critical application is down

         No workaround is available


B. Severity Level 2:

Significant Business Impact – defined as a problem if the situation prevents the site from using the system as it was intended, when performance is significantly reduced and the system is considered limited. Initial response to this issue is within two (2) hours. Status updates will be given daily until a resolution is achieved.


The problem may have one or more of the following characteristics:

         Impacting a high number of users

         Mission critical application is partially unavailable

         Reduction in productivity

         Management is calling to get the issue resolved

         Internal error, causing the system to fail, but restart or recovery is possible


C. Severity Level 3:

Minor Business Impact – defined as a problem that causes minimal loss of service. The impact is minor or an inconvenience. A situation that slightly impacts one or more users but they can still perform the majority of their work. Initial response to this issue is within three (3) hours. Subsequent updates are provided weekly or as they become available.


The problem may have one or more of the following characteristics:

         Impacting one or more users

         The product has a bug

         Workaround is available

         Move, add, and change requests


D. Severity Level 4:

No Business Impact – defined as a problem or request that causes no loss of service and in no way impedes the use of the system. Initial response to this issue is within a day.

This will be responded to with subsequent updates as they become available.


The problem may have one or more of the following characteristics:

         Questions regarding system or hardware functionality

         An on again, off again issue

         Enhancement requests

         Documentation errors






Windows 8 Certification Announcement


·     TSG is pleased to announce that the latest version, of the products listed below,   have been certified against the Windows Vista Operating System platform.


·     These products have been rigorously tested against all of the Windows Vista profiles within the Business Edition.


·     TSG certified these products using a 32 bit architecture, and further tested the products against all Internet Explorer Security levels.


Please Note!


·      For Web-based products, there are product specific browser settings that require configuration when running the application on a Vista machine. These browser settings will be provided to users via a quick link, on the home page of these products.


·      If you intend installing Galactica POS and Galactica Viewer II on a Vista machine, please log a support issue to obtain specific installation instructions from the respective product manager. (A document will be published shortly that will describe the steps to be followed.)


·      All the other products listed below do not require any further configuration after installation.


Products that have achieved the Windows Vista Certified Status include:

Alert Engine

Alerts Engine Administration








Galactica Administration


Galactica Reports


Galactica POS


Galactica Viewer  II


Galactica W3-WebViewer










Galaxy Administration


Galaxy Relationships






Physician Portal Reports


OOCP Administration


Outreach Order Communication Portal


Patient Portal




EHR Administration


Physician Portal


Physician Portal Administration


Computerized Provider Order Entry



What's New at TSG
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What's New
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Digital Transformation

TSG has partnered with Microsoft for a new licensing and transformation services program. Protect your facility and patients from the ever-evolving IT threat landscape.

Learn more about how Digital Transformation will affect the way you work, who we work with, and how we create value.

  • Eliminate License Audit
  • Compliant and Secure – Provides advance
  • Reduce hardware, downtime and software deployment cost
  • Improve staff productivity and efficiency
  • Stop un-expected and recurring capital expense

Remote Deposit Capture

Allows our customers to scan checks remotely and transmit the check images to a bank for deposit, via an encrypted Internet connection

  • Reduce Transportation Costs/Convenience
  • Reduce Processing Costs
  • Intelligent Character & Document Recognition, data management through business rules
  • Large numbers of checks can be scanned quickly and then uploaded all at once
  • Audit Reports

Enterprise-wide SaaS Faxing Solutions

ezDocFlow Portal provides a secure ad HIPAA electronic document distribution and management system which seamlessly integrates faxing with any HIS, EMR, EHR, ERP and business software applications.

  • Eliminate/Reduce fax machine, paper, toner, fax phone line cost/support
  • Captures and digitizes documents as soon as they are received
  • Define routing rules by sender fax number, receiving fax number or text on document
  • Audits every activity in a document workflow
  • Track every document that flows through your organization

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